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Orms has been a leader in photographic services and the go-to place for South African photographers since 1996. We have taken our photographic expertise, service record, professional staff and our close relationship with many of the world’s best photographers to create Orms Photographic Tours, a photographic travel company that reflects the Orms proficiency and reputation. Our experience guides our selection and planning of bespoke photographic journeys, which ensure unique photographic experiences - whether cultural or in the wild - as well as quality accommodation.

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Our top quality photographic tours are excellent value and designed to deliver a specific photographic goal. We focus our attention on satisfying our clients and building a dedicated client following who regularly return on our tours. All prices are quoted in either ZAR or US$; pp refers to “per person” and ss to “single supplement.”

Our low client to photographic tour leader ratio enables our photographic guides to provide one-on-one tuition and attention. Our expedition group size is usually between 6 to 8 people, which ensures a personal experience.

Information on the classic, premium and customized photographic tours

Classic Photographic Tours

Our Classic Photographic Tours are the quintessential Orms Tour. These tours feature the perfect balance of quality and convenience and offer the best available accommodation closest to select photographic locations. The maximum group size is 6 participants with one professional Orms Photographic Tour guide.

Premium Photographic Tours

Our Premium Photographic Tours offer world-class luxurious accommodation, selected for their comfort and exemplary level of service. The combination of small group sizes (maximum 8 participants), a customized schedule, exciting added extras and great attention to detail come together to create an unforgettable photographic experience.

Custom Photographic Tours

Our Custom Photographic Tours are one of our core strengths as we have the expertise and knowledge to design a trip that will make your ultimate photographic dream a reality. You can contact us for a non-obligatory quote and we will create a tour that exceeds your expectations and meets your exact requirements; whether it is a tranquil romantic journey, an educational experience for your family or an intensive photographic tour with a specific goal in mind.

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